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Everlasting Morbid Delights

by Sepulchral Whore

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Conceived from a necrotizing womb in the year of 2015, SEPULCHRAL WHORE starred from the willingness to vomit sacrileges upon the corners of the globe. Tethered under the straight influence of the 90's school of extreme metal, the morbid acrimony which comes from these iconic entities of old death metal scenery inspires Sepulchral Whore to give their own contribution to keep this impure flame alive.

Metal Ways Records is pleased to announce the first and crusher attempt of these Brazilians mockers against all purity, sanctities, and false beauty. “Everlasting Morbid Delights” EP is out now, as a certain recommendation for fans of Massacre (US), Morgoth, Benediction, Disastrous Murmur, God Macabre, Morta Skuld and nowadays death metallers Ascended Dead, Skelethal (FR), Maim, Obliteration, and others...

Their debut release - Everlasting Morbid Delights - is an insalubrious and rough example which will flow over repulsive themes of the metaphysical paradox, necrophilia, anti-humanism, atheism, hedonistic-nihilism, and many other acts of darkened whisperings”

“This is more in old Scandinavian style, even if I recognize influences of Austrian or American ones. Everlasting Morbid Delights will enjoy first of all everyone who loves old good death metal with roots deeply in 80's and 90's.” - ANTICHRIST MAGAZINE -

“U and G; these two sacred letters mean Underground and I think as even many other bands, it’s enough to acquire and enjoy a legion of fans. This is the exact case of Sepulchral Whore, who starred in 2015 and patiently sharpen instruments to release their debut Everlasting Morbid Delights this year... As soon as the dirty gloomy tones start running, this EP is thrown under your skin as the real music bands that we love.” - SLOVAK METAL ARMY -

“Another underground death metal masterpiece in Everlasting Morbid Delights from the Brazilian band Sepulchral Whore. They released this fantastically filthy piece of underground delight.” - KEEP THE METAL FLOWING -

“This is like 80’s Death and Necrophagia. Evil and beautiful.”

Nyarlathotep IV (Guitars)
C. Le Sorcier (Drums)
Necrospinal (Bass and Vocals)


released May 15, 2017

These tracks were recorded during several sessions over the year of 2016 at Estúdio Bacamarte (Peter Vitus) and Sepulcro Home Studio.

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Peter Vitus and Sepulchral Whore.
All tracks performed by Sepulchral Whore.
Lyrics written by Necrospinal.
Keyboards in "Malicious Conflagration" by Necrospinal.
Cover art by Emerson Maia.

CD version produced by Metal Ways Records under exclusive license from SEPULCHRAL WHORE, Brazil 2017.



all rights reserved


Sepulchral Whore Recife, Brazil

Necrotic Death Metal from Brazil.

C. LE SORCIER (Drums) | NYARLATHOTEP IV (Guitars) | NECROSPINAL (Bass & Vocal)

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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: Malicious Conflagration
Caught in a dismal gaze
At the shores of a virulent path
Trapped into damnation
Alive it decomposes
Profane and suspicious
A hive of sullen minds
Shall deliver their souls to darkness
to keep the kingdom gone

Incestuous sacred bounds
refresh the Satan's spawn
Carving the highest curse
Shimmering greed and pride
Unhallowed decay of the purest flesh
Releasing necrotic madness
Perpetually deceased

Exposure of the blackest dream
Breeder of the primal torment
Chimera of grotesquery
Crawl into despair

Crumbled is the idol of the lies
Savagery so bright
Broken the mournful silence
Reign at the funeral throne
We shall inhale the mortal ashes
Infamous raw alliance
Let's breathe antagonism

In skeptical scourge
Hallucination through blasphemies
at witches' womb
has crafted each lost virginity

No Mythical devotion
Deny the holy whore
Spreading damnation
We set hellfire at this torch

No mythical devotion
Deny the holy whore
Spreading damnation
We set hellfire at this torch
No mythical devotion
Deny the holy whore
Pantheistic apathy

Liturgies of desecration
Unleash this cancerous kind
Blood soaked proclamation
Surely ascending thy fall

In skeptical scourge
Hallucinations through blasphemies
An unconscious malevolence
reveal red lights into obscurity

Under the coagulated storm
Permanent evil within the core
Burning winds of Sodom
Ablaze the cross
Track Name: Everlasting Morbid Delights
Nemesis, arisen from the mist
Blowing invigoration with wrath
With closed eyes, it seems clear
Her insurrection for the final lust

Unblessed storm from the underworld
Embodied in corpses she strikes again
Choose one of these pleasant sacrifices
Or choose to kill yourself

In starved conditions
Spreading her necrotizing breath
Restoring a visceral past
Uncontrolled black mass

Vengeance through illusions
Possession of all sights
Inner void conspiracy
Absorbing your whole life

Like deadly sparks in the air
Climbing you high and low
Imposing ethereal forms of fear
Whispering words of doom

Timeless, torrid, seductive
Fell her deep inside
Schizo, vile, infested
Bizarre and defiled

Sexualized butchery
Now a slave of her cunt
Countless stitches
Shall split your body out
In sickness you cum
Consumed you’ll fall
Perpetuating her morbid delights

Vengeance through illusions
Possession of all sights
Inner void conspiracy
Absorbing your whole life
Track Name: In Slumber They Succumb
Indoctrinated by the master of sins
Point of the consciousness of being
Intolerance for the bastard of all creeds
We feel their breathing on our knees

Pentagrams engraved in blood on the floor
Setting fire around to block the exit
In sulfur the purification of all senses
Perhaps leading them to the eternal sleep


Obliteration of Jerusalem's path
They'll never flow this way again!
Domestication of useless minds
Provided through these hellish flames

Deformed visions appearing as clouds
Astonishing parallel domains
At midnight you'll hear the roaring fire
We are the serpent's race

Lambs of christening come forth, exposed
and mesmerized by this sorcery
The sorcery of mayhem forwarding in black
In trance with chaos against their bless

Impetuous childhood's behavior would reveal
Regressive liberation of real thoughts
Rapping holy icons in front of them
Spiritual surgery - The time has come again!


Track Name: Horrifying the Weak
Symptoms of anguish like blood stains in your mind
Infestation that burns from within
Leaving the embryo grows and rotten aside
Later this flesh will grease those lips

Painless abortions as the Mary's miscarriage
See these claws of horror grab them to their own depth
Hearing the ghouls from a forgotten cemetery
Laughing at them while death meet their souls

Devouring sensations and thy flesh
Sanctified by the beast of the past
Horrify the weak through each gloomy demise
Hanged you're drowning in festering slime

Frightening climax of madness
Chapter of an inexorable need
Waiting the night, winds blowing cold
Drained of life it now reeks

Unspeakable methods of cannibalism
Swarming a horde of flies
Rancid flavor of violence
Degenerative inertia

Devouring sensations and thy flesh
Sanctified by the beast of the past
Horrify the weak through each gloomy demise
Hanged and drowned in festering slime
Track Name: Rotten Wings of Creation (instrumental)
Track Name: Necromancer's Rites
Descend through red skies
A womb of blackest entities
Vultures breeds from beyond
Breathing nasty catastrophes
Chambers full of worms
they're consumed into asphyxiation
Ultimate paradox! In gore reborn to reign!

Slaughter of dynasties
Praise the god of fatality
Emanate oldest tyrannies
Reaching the fortress of summoning
Dwellers of catacombs
Piles of dead bodies to maceration
Dehumanize! Libations blessing atrocities

Domains are shrouded by storms
Bloodbath along the surface
Taken from the boundaries of hate
The worthless logic of tragedies
Spiritual dawn and decay
Acquired strong bonds with Hades

Tombs in damnation
Effigies for nameless ghouls
Chapels under headless command
Horrible voices unheard
Scenario for our morbid desires

Shattered majesties
Reality through pagans prophecies
Insights assorted in disbelief
In weakness, you're begging for the unknown
Blasphemy can euthanize your soul

Necromancer's rites
Entangled in genocides